Company Overview

Intimedia was established in 1996 as a web developer consulting company. In 2002 we moved our focus into serving the enterprise market and started developing expertise and experiences in custom business applications. We are a Gold Certified Microsoft Business Partner, and continue on using the latest Microsoft technology on our service offerings.

We understood that even though custom-build applications may be the best choices for company needs, many people are reluctant due to history of frequent failures with custom-built applications.

At Intimedia we believe our strategy with discipline in project methodology and quality of resources will bring custom-build applications back to reasonable risk level.
Our client list and project portfolio show our success stories in custom-built applications.

We adopt industry best practices in our project methodology. And we are committed in continues improvement in practicing the standard project methodology. Our success stories in large and complex projects proved that discipline in project methodology significantly reduced risks.

Our recruitment standard is high. We recruit and train only the best IT graduates from leading universities. Our high standard in recruitment and training will ensure only the best candidates can join our project team.

Intimedia is currently recognized as one of the leading Microsoft .Net service providers in Indonesia.